Everything you need to know about the Sunday Rockingham Rotary Market.
Sunday Markets from 7am to 12noon for BUYERS Entrance is by Gold Coin Donation.
Every Sunday in the Kent Street Car Park behind the Rockingham Dome and Gary Holland Centre, 19 Kent Street, Rockingham.
Sellers must be in their bays by 7.00am.
All cars must be removed from the market bays no later than 6.30am unless the car is part of your display.
We ask you to please park your car in the car park of the Ocean Clipper Inn across the road not in the two public car bays as then there is room for your customers.
Any permanent bays not occupied by the designated start time are deemed to be vacant for the day and can be allocated to a casual seller by the Market manager or their representative.
Sellers are to remain set up until 12 noon and cannot drive off until the Rotarian's open up the lanes, this is for Occupational Health and Safety reasons. In the rare event of an emergency please come and see one of the Rotarian's on duty and they will assist you with allowing a clear and safe access out of the markets.
Booking a bay, any enquiries about the markets are to be directed to Tracey Scott, if you call after 6pm she will contact you the following day. Please note we ask that you call Tracey rather than text as texting is too time consuming and often leads to back and forth, where a call solves the issue/questions in minutes.
If you are looking for a once off stall please text Tracey to book your bay as this market gets so busy that if you just turn up there is a strong chance you may not be able to obtain a site.
The cost of the bay with the size being the size of a car park bay is $12.50,  if you take up extra space a further $12.50 fee will be incurred. The $12.50 includes the Rockingham Rotary Club promoting the event and supplying you the site in which to sell your items.
Rotarian's will come around from 9.00am to obtain your $12.50 per site plus insurance, we would prefer that you pay in notes rather than coins as you can imagine how heavy coins can be walking the market area.
If you are on the grass area the size of your stall is 2.5 x 5.5 metres, if you have encroached in part on a size bigger than this but smaller than an extra 2.5 x 5.5 a fee of $12.50 per encroachment applies.
If you are selling food you must have a council health department certificate.
Each stall holder acknowledges that they have all the relevant licenses, food certificates, business registrations if promoting a business name, if they’re selling products that require a license that they have the said license to sell those products and that these said certificates are to be shown upon request. In the event of food retail, the council approval must be put on display in your stall.
It is understood that by booking a stall that you acknowledge that you have public liability insurance and that you remove Rockingham Rotary Mart and The Rotary Club of Rockingham from any and all liability.
At no time can anyone drive on the grass by order of the Rockingham Council. Please consider this when setting up and unpacking your stall.
The Rotarian's are volunteers – be kind to them, if you are deemed offensive you will be asked to leave and may be barred from attending again.
100% of the $12.50 fee is donated to charity.
Clean up and disposal of rubbish: All stall holders are to ensure that the stall site and the area that surrounds the site are left in a clean and tidy condition upon closure of the market, all rubbish and goods not sold are to be taken back with you and not left at the markets or disposed of in any of the bins in a one kilometre square area.
The Rockingham Rotary Mart is operated by the Rotary Club of Rockingham which is a body incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 2017 (WA). By paying your fees and attending our markets you agree to these terms and conditions.