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Youth Committee Report 2018-2019
Yvette Cases-Broehmer, Committee Director
This year the Youth Committee was able to support or sponsor many youth activities or the participation in Rotary endorsed programs. For example, the committee contributed to fund raising efforts of various sports teams such as the Hillman Hornets Cricket team who were traveling to the UK to compete as well as two female baseball players from Rockingham who represented WA in the Under 16s Youth Girls National Baseball Championships in Canberra.
The Youth Committee also helped the Baldivis Secondary College (BSC) chaplain buy a refrigerator to support the newly organized Breakfast Club which provides breakfast every day to BSC students. In addition, we were also able to assist a Year 10, South Coast Baptist student participate in a School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed Leeuwin Youth Explorer voyage. The Year 10 student expressed his gratitude in a letter addressed to President Donovan, and the letter was read aloud to the members at a regular meeting.
Continuing its tradition of providing the funding for end of year rewards and prizes for academic achievement, the Committee supported several Rockingham public primary schools such as Waikiki Primary School, Comet Bay Primary School, Rockingham Beach Primary Schools or Singleton Primary School. On a secondary level, we awarded high achieving graduates from Safety Bay Senior High School and Warnbro Community Senior High School with the financial means to buys books or other materials in the pursuit of higher study. Finally, the committee was able to help Makybe Rise Primary School purchase much needed microscopes for classroom use.
Our committee was able to send several Year 10, 11, and 12 high school students from Safety Bay Senior High School to participate in the Rotary endorsed Rypen Leadership Camp. The feedback from the students was very positive, and many students came to our meetings to report on their experiences from those camps. Three Safety Bay Senior High School students also attended the Conoco/Phillips Science Experience at WA universities. The students were a mix of top science students and students who showed promise in science through hard work and dedication. Here too, the feedback by the students and their parents was overwhelmingly positive. Our committee has already received an enquiry from Warnbro Community Senior High School for the upcoming sessions.
There were several attempts to get Safety Bay Senior High School high students involved in the Four Way Speech Contest at the end of last year. The student I had recruited completed four drafts of her speech. However, she lost motivation, and then came reporting time for me. And that was the end of the project. I have made this competition a priority for this coming year. This year’s attempt to recruit a high school student for the Rotary Adventure in Citizenship was also unsuccessful. One student completed the application. However, upon reviewing his written statement, we decided not to sponsor the candidate. We did not think the content of the statement suitable for the program.
I would like to end my report on two positive notes. The first one is that we have a successful candidate for the Short Term Exchange Program (STEP)!!! He has completed his application, he has been successfully vetted by Committee members, and he has also received financial backing from our club. Our candidate is a lovely Year 11 student from Safety Bay Senior High School and will be going to Germany for four weeks in the school holidays in September/October or in January. Our applicant has studied German for three years, so it makes sense to send him to Germany. I will be hosting the STEP student on his/her reciprocal visit. Paula Bauer has also offered to help host when needed.
The last and most recent Committee accomplishment is that our candidate for the National Youth Science Forum has been selected to attend the upcoming Forum in January!!! She successfully advanced to the first round with her competitive application. Then after some rigorous prep work from my colleagues and myself, she was able to set herself apart during the interview, the impromptu speech, and the team problem-solving exercise.  Our club has also pledged to help sponsor our candidate for which I am truly thankful.