Community Service
Rotary Club of Rockingham
Community Service Committee
Grant and Donations Guidelines
The Rotary Club of Rockingham is committed to support locally based Not for Profit incorporated organisations, associations or social enterprises (such as community groups or clubs) or where appropriate individuals to benefit and help improve the quality of life for the people in the Rockingham community.
These guidelines relate to eligible organisations, entities or individuals wishing to apply for a grant or donation towards their specific programs, events or initiatives.
Grants will only be considered if the applicant is:
·        Not for Profit group
·        An incorporated organisation or association (such as community groups, clubs or associations)
·        Either incorporated or unincorporated Not for Profit Social Enterprise business
·        A school, college or university support group such as a P&C or similar group not directly Local, State or Commonwealth authority    funded and whose sole purpose is to provide additional support to the school, college or university
·        An individual undertaking a Not for Profit venture, enterprise or event
·        Based and operates within the boundaries of the City of Rockingham
The applicant must:
·        Not receive the majority of its funding from another source including Local, State or Commonwealth authority funding
·        Be active in their own right in fund raising and demonstrate that fund raising for the purpose of the organisation is part of their activity
·        Provide a community service creating goodwill and friendship and the grant will deliver a meaningful benefit to the Rockingham community through the Not for Profit organisation, association or social enterprise
Grants will not be considered if the applicant is:
·        A Local, State or Commonwealth authority
·        Is a school, college or university department or governing body
·        Is a private or public company
·        Applying for retrospective payments
·        Applying for salaries, wages or management fees
·        A Social Enterprise is a revenue generating business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to deliver profit to shareholders or owners.
·        A Not for Profit is an organisation that has rules that do not allow it to distribute profits or assets to its members, the people who run it, their friends, relatives or associates while it is operating or on winding up. An organisation is a Not for Profit if it does not carry out activities for private benefits of its members or distribute profit or assets to its members, the people who run it, their friends, relatives or associates.

October 2017