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As this Rotary year closes, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the year with our club. Our theme for the year – Be the Inspiration
In April of 2018 nominations were called to form the new board for the year 2018-19.
Those members who came onto the board were:
Secretary: Lian Borlace
Treasurer: Trevor Ridley
 President Elect: Beth Philipps
Club Administration: Beth Philipps
Community: Rob Miller
Youth: Yvette Casey- Broehmer
International & Vocational: Lynne Strudwicke
Rotary Mart: Peter Philipps
For our club to operate, a Board is required to approve all funds including recommendations from committees, Rotary International and the general running of the club. It is within the board to maintain the ideals of Rotary and guide the club in a positive direction over the year. This was the task taken on by the above persons who gave up more time for their club to attend board meetings. A number of board members were Directors who also had the task of heading their appropriate committees and reporting to the Board.
This year has been long, and at times, difficult with the board having to overcome some hurdles and decisions and some long nights with one night going to 11.15pm. If it was not for this dedicated team who acted in the interest of this club, some of the work carried out may not have been done. I sincerely thank my Board for an exceptional year. If not for them, their knowledge, their support and their encouragement, I may not have lasted.
Our secretary Lian collected mail each week, sorted out the agenda, minutes for the board meeting and made sure we followed the agenda at the meeting. I would also like to thank Rowan Lambert who filled the role of secretary while Lian was absent. Rowan also did an exceptional job. 
Our Treasurer, Trevor Ridley. Our quiet spoken member who has been our treasurer for a number of years and always does our books to a very high standard.
Directors form an important role within the board and include the Club Administration Director. Beth Philipps took on this role this year and made life within our club enjoyable. We had many good guest speakers including Terry Mills, the former chief Minister for the Northern Territory, Alison Percival who is the Chaplain for the Cooloongup Primary schools and many others but what impressed me more were the speakers from our own members. It was fascinating getting to know our members a little more by the talks they gave.
Of course it was not all work. Beth with her committee had arranged many outings and events throughout the year including club visits, a scatter meeting, Sausage and Meatball night, the hilarious Melbourne Cup night, Barbecue at our house, Rockingham Theatre.  And thank you to Daphne who allowed us to visit her hotel in Beverley over a weekend and the dinners we shared outside of the club. Thank you Beth and your committee for a wonderful year.
The Community Directorship was chaired by Rob Miller this year. His first post as director of Community. He slipped into this role with casual ease and did the job well, even if sometimes we could not get hold of him.
This role is probably the most important role within the club as it involves our community. Over the course of the year this committee presented many recommendations to the board for approval. In April this year the committee awarded funding to groups from our Grant which this year was raised from $30,000 to $40,000. This is a busy committee and I thank them all for the work over the year.
Our Youth programmes this year was run by Yvette and her committee. Yvette is a passionate person who involved herself in a number of Rotary programs with her team. This group had a number of programmes spread throughout the year and always either had something on or something coming up. I felt on some occasions that Yvette was doing too much and should share the load a bit more but she loved what she was doing and I thank her and her team for the year we had.
Lynne Studwicke, our quiet achiever who looked after Vocational and Rotary International. With her team, Lynne kept an eye on what was happening overseas and in particular any disasters which may have occurred. Lynne also became a representative for Shelterbox and attended many meetings outside the club and brought updates to us. Lynne and her committee also arranged for a vocational visit to Rob’s place of work where Rob showed the art of how good photography works. We also had the Employer of the year again this year and the Pride of Workmanship awards. Thanks Lynne and your committee for a great year.
Mr Peter Philipps, our Mart Director.  This is the first time that the Mart Director has been on the board. As this is our main fund raiser for the club it was important that he attend.  Peter has, over many years and continues to do so, looked after the Mart by receiving countless phone calls from people wanting to attend or those unable to attend. He allocates and juggles the bays to get to a full mart where possible. He also manages the roster for 6 months at a time for members. I must also thank Beth for assistance in helping Peter over the year. This continues to be a mammoth task. With Trevor, they both designed the new BBQ trailer and with Beth, purchased a very good condition box trailer for our advertising sign and to be driven around our streets. Over the years the mart has improved with stall holders and patrons largely due to Peter and his committee.
To say thank you doesn’t seem enough for the amount of work that Peter and his committee have done this year. Thank you all for your dedication to the Mart.
Of course we have the Executive, Directors and committees but there have been a number of roles that members have taken on this year on top of being in their committees. To my sergeant Rob Miller, who had the fortunate or unfortunate time in controlling the meetings and handing out fines.Thanks Rob for the year and well done. I would like to sincerely thank Donnah Francome who was our Protection officer. Donnah has always looked after this club and this year oversaw the changes from our district on child protection.
My many thanks to Rowan Lambert who not only took on the role of acting secretary when Lian was away but also took over the Medical Project from Beth Philipps and with the assistance from Rob Miller oversaw the changes to our web page and social media.  My thanks also to Beth who over many years looked after our Medical project before handing it over to Rowan. To Glenn Udy who again over the year looked after our bulletin. Glenn is away a lot due to his work commitments but still has time to do the bulletin each week and catch up on what is happening in the club.  My thanks to Lynne Strudwicke who became an ambassador for Shelterbox and kept us informed over the year. 
Our congratulations to our member Wayne Milnes who was elected as our District Governor Elect. I wish Wayne together with Suzanne a successful and rewarding year as District Governor in the 2019-20 year.
So over the year we achieved a great deal but the most important people in our club are you, our members. Without you we would not exist. Every member within the club, has over the year contributed in making our club successful. I would like to thank each and every one of you for the year just gone.
We were fortunate to have seven members join our club this year:
Michelle Wishart
Rory Wishart
Linley Lambert
Rowan Lambert
Sarah Campbell
Kim McDonald
Jason Scott
Thanks to all of you and we look forward to you continuing with us again in the New Rotary Year.
I must also thank Ibby, Wolfe, the kitchen staff and the Rockingham RSL for allowing us to have our meetings each Monday night on their premises. We love your hospitality, your friendliness, your wit and the meals have been excellent all year and thoroughly enjoyed by members and guests. I’m sure this will continue into the year.
Well this brings my year to a close and a New Year begins with Beth Philipps as president. I wish Beth and her team a successful year for 2019-20 and I’m sure with the help of all members, we again will have a great year.
I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.
Darrel Donovan