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International and Vocational Committee Annual Report 2018-19
Committee Director: Lynne Strudwicke
Members:  Linley Lambert, Dot Brunker, Wayne Milnes, Chris Pain, Paul Greenwood (did not attend any meetings), Ray Bath (resigned).
Initially I would like to sincerely thank members of my committee who have attended meetings and contributed their thoughts and ideas for discussion.
As a committee there has been some worthwhile suggestions made and discussed, most of which have been followed up. We have also been able to donate funds to support a wide range of International organisations (some of which are based in Australia) as follows:
Budget Monies Approved by the Board 2018-19
Organisation                                    Date                                       Monies Approved
Shelter Box                                       August 2018                         $1000
Shelter Box                                       May 2019                              $ 2650
Wheelchairs for Kids                       September 2018                  $ 2000
Mercy Ships                                      September 2018                  $ 2000
Disaster Aid International               (Donate to SB instead)                  
Rotary Foundation                          Proposed $3000                   $2400 Aud
Polio Plus                                          October 2018                        $1000
Operation Cleft                                 October 2018                        $1000
World Wide Fistula Fund                October 2018                        $1000
Romac                                               September 2018                  $2000
Marnin Studios, Fitzroy Crossing October  2018                        $1200
Peter Carnley school walkabout         Cambodia 2019
Annalise Morton (student)                  September 2018                  $1000
Total                                                                                                   $17,250
Currently we are committed to the promotion of Shelter Box. We have been fairly busy with Shelter Box with State Coordinator June Wade coming in October to assist in manning a display at the markets along with me. Dot Brunker also undertook a Shelter Box training day in August 2018 and as a result herself has become an ambassador of Shelter Box. Beth also held a ‘garage sale’ at the markets raising $550 dollars, which have since been donated to SB. While we have made a couple of donations we are keen to continue to raise funds for their promotion. At the moment a raffle is under consideration.
We have also organized the Pride of Workmanship Awards this year.  There were six recipients as follows:
Nominator                                                    Nominee
Daphne Talbot                                              Janet Sutherland
Frank Oliveri                                                 Jack Foster
Gail Simpson (through Suzanne Milnes)  Alison Purcell          
Suzanne Milnes                                           Richard McLachlan
Jodi Moore                                                    Rachel
Darrel Donovan      
Of particular note is the hard work and efforts of Linley Lambert to organize the nominators and nominees. Special thanks to Linley for her efforts in organizing the Pride of Workmanship machinations and standing in for me on the night of May 20th 2019 (as I was unwell).
It has been quite a busy year, however, I have enjoyed my year as International/Vocational Director and again acknowledge and thank all committee members. I look forward to the year ahead as I hand over this role to the incoming Director Dot Brunker.
Lynne Strudwicke
Director International and Vocational Committee