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Community Service 2018-19
Committee: Peter Philipps, Glenn Udy, Rowan Lambert, Daphne Talbot, Rory Wishart, Sharyn McCaskey, Rob Miller
What can I say except, that this has been a very fun filled and fulfilling year.
Thank you so much to the Community Services Committee with a special thanks to Peter Philipps for his continuing guidance and Rowan Lambert for his enthusiastic and diligent support.
It has been a real privilege to work with all of you folk in the Community portfolio and a special thanks to the board for the embracing of our proposals and all the considerations put forward from our committee.
Over $100K has been contributed back into the community and we are more than appreciative of the funds generated by the Rotary SUNDAY Mart and the amazing work and perseverance that Peter and Beth put into the Mart every week. It is our major source of funds and it is so important to the Rotary Club of Rockingham and Peter and Beth’s diligence can never be underestimated. Thank you!
To President Darrel Donovan and the executive (Trevor Ridley, Liam Borlace, Rowan Lambert and all the members of the club, thank you for your service, fellowship and friendship.
Please have a browse through the work (dissemination of funds) of our Community Services Committee and Rotary Board. This is very important work and please celebrate your involvement in it. As with all the portfolios in our club, all are vital to our own sustainability and ultimately the infusion and blessings into our local, state, national and international communities.
We continue to work closely with the City of Rockingham and our thanks go to them for their ongoing support.
To all our members who contribute your time, expertise and involvements, I say thank you and you are much appreciated and valued members of our club. I so enjoy our fellowship.
Rob Miller
Community Services